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Not sure how to join our server? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to join McPc Miners Paradise.

Occasionally we look for new YouTube broadcasters to showcase our network. Don't forget to head over to our forums page to apply for the position.

Our Networks Top Features


Join a faction of your choice. Battle it out in Faction world for pure domination over land and bases.


Challenge your ability to survive in this vast world of montainous regions.

Creative World

Join our Creative world and unleash your true building potential. Vote every day and your rank is increased to your next job role


Skywars features a number of arenas where you can do battle with teams of up to 8 members. Search for your nearest weapon and do BATTLE!

Server Rules

Our network is closely monitors by our Server team to ensure all players respect one another. If you're banned, head on to our forum to appeal the decision.


Fancy some hair raising jumping stunts? head on over to our parkour arena and win big prizes.

Vote Rewards

Vote daily and you earn free in-game money worth $10000 along with special items delivered to your inventory.

PvP Kits

Kits are a big advantage over your enemy... Get them while you can from the in-game store or purchase the premium kits from our web store.

Cheap Ranks

We have a variety of ranks all suited for the adventure you plan on having.

Upcoming Features & Updates

The long awaited pet store is due to open as our development team have been working hard and long in bringing this out. Keep your eyes posted on the announcement.
Due to several mcpe updates, enchantment has take a backseat of late. However, due to continuous development we will be introducing enchantment before December 2017
Long awated kits to be launched. Keep your eyes peeled.

Join Our News Live Streams

Join Us when we stream LIVE via YouTube, We Plan to stream three times a week and will consist of new game-play features, survival and development blog for upcoming features along with Server events!