Factions has replaced Guilds

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Factions has replaced Guilds

Post by HiggsInc » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:07 pm

You may have noticed that Guild Homes are not accessible... Don't worry, message us and we'll help find it for you. GuildWars has been replaced by Factions. We also have introduced a new world called Factions.

Get your land quick before someone gets to it
Features within Factions:
  • Easily create, delete, and manage factions
  • Players in the same faction don't inflict PVP damage on each other
  • Kick annoying players
  • Invite anyone you want (they can accept or deny the invite)
  • Claim plots and create a dominating base
  • Three ranks: Member, Officer and Leader
List of Commands
/f about
/f accept
/f overclaim [Takeover the plot of the requested faction]
/f claim
/f create <name>
/f del
/f demote <player>
/f deny

/f home
/f help <page>
/f info
/f info <faction>
/f invite <player>
/f kick <player>
/f leader <player>
/f leave

/f sethome
/f unclaim
/f unsethome
/f ourmembers - {Members + Statuses}
/f ourofficers - {Officers + Statuses}
/f ourleader - {Leader + Status}
/f allies - {The allies of your faction

/f desc
/f promote <player>
/f allywith <faction>
/f breakalliancewith <faction>

/f allyok [Accept a request for alliance]
/f allyno [Deny a request for alliance]
/f allies <faction> - {The allies of your chosen faction}

/f membersof <faction>
/f officersof <faction>
/f leaderof <faction>
/f say <send message to everyone in your faction>
/f pf <player>
/f topfactions