Server Highlights

Pet Store

Pet store coming soon! Soon to feature a wide range of pets which you can feed and to follow you all around.

Pet Store Trailer

in-Game Shops

Purchase In-Game items with money gained from mining or selling off at the Townhall.

In-Game Store


Looking for a challenge? Head on over to our parkour arena and show off your skills

Parkour Video

Random Loot

Obtain random and rare loot from hidden treasure chests which are located at different parts of the worlds. Killing an enemy can also spring some nice surprises.

Random Loot

Donation Options

Our donations work on a global basis, donate for something to help boost the WHOLE server.

Other Great Features

  • Faction Based Systems
    Join a faction to make questing and raiding easier.
  • Quests
    100s of quests build around your class and level.
  • Pets
    Pets coming to a store near you. Great in battle assists.
  • Mining Paradise
    Join our mining world and reap the rewards.
  • PvP
    PvP arena - all our war. Kit up from the store.
  • Minigames
    Experience the various mini-games on offer via spawn!
Join a faction of your choice. Battle it out in Faction world for pure domination over land and bases.
Challenge your ability to survive in this vast world of montainous regions.
Money talks. If you have millions you can afford to buy elytra wings and much more from the in-game store.
Vote daily and you earn free in-game money worth $10000 along with special items delivered to your inventory.

The Server Staff Team

  • HiggsInc

    HiggsInc is the Owner of McPe Miners Paradise. Always looking to improve and provide a great mcpe experience for all!
  • skyler12344444

    Skyler12344444 is a Moderator at McPe Miners Paradise. She's always on standby to help and Serve.
  • JoelCedrasCool

    JoelCedrasCool is a Builder of McPe Miners Paradise. Always willing to help.
  • xDarkMatter_PvP

    xDarkMatter_PvP is a Helper of McPe Miners Paradise. You will often find him farming at his plantation.
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